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  • Ensuring Furry Freedom: Advancements in Electric Fence Collar Technology

    Advancements in Electric Fence Collar Technology

    As pet owners, we all want our furry friends to enjoy the outdoors while ensuring their safety. Electric fence collars have long been used as a reliable tool for containing pets within designated areas. These collars work in conjunction with an electric fence system to provide a gentle deterrent that keeps our pets within the…

  • 9 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Excessively

    Brown and white shih tzu puppy

    It is not at all proven that a person can prevent any licking habits in their dog, whatever breed of dog they obtain. Dogs are known for showing interest and affection with their tongues. What is excessive? Is it possible that your dog is licking for the wrong reasons?

  • The Baby Chloe

    Instantly when I saw her I was in love. This is baby Chloe and she dreams in Oregon.

  • The Heroic Auggie

    Canada loves their pugs. And here’s why. Meet the heroic Auggie from North of the border.

  • The Sweet Lola

    Her sweater makes her a lady, her smile makes her a pug. Meet sweet lady Lola from Ontario.

  • The Magical Ziggy

    If I saw this pug struttin’ along, I would most definitely stop to inquire. Who is this fabulous creature? Well, now I know. This is Ziggy and he’s magical.

  • The Gentleman Charlie

    This one time… I fell in love with a pug and his name was Charlie. Not only is he a beautiful Brit but he’s got the paws to prove it.

  • The Delectable Pounchkie & The Delightful Praline Marie

    Beautiful sisters! It’s my pleasure to introduce Miss Pounchkie and Miss Praline Marie. Because there are two of them, and to make it easy on my heart, I’ve decided to tell you about each lady individually. It’s just better that way…

  • The Princess Pugalena Pai

    Immediately I’m asking myself, is she sticking her tongue out for the picture or is she naturally that beautiful? Almost like the Mona Lisa. Is she smiling at me? I don’t know, I don’t care. Meet her highness, Princess Pugalena Pai.

  • The Mellow Malin

    Oh, hello Angel. Don’t you look precious? This is Malin and she’s an easygoing blonde babe from Sweden. Even the pugs are good looking… I mean.