The Mellow Malin

Oh, hello Angel. Don’t you look precious? This is Malin and she’s an easygoing blonde babe from Sweden. Even the pugs are good looking… I mean.

Puppy pug climbing a chair



— A very pretty name for a very pretty girl.  



— I think Sweden’s a fabulous country. The people and their pugs are well off. 


The most cosy, tired and loving dog in the world!”

— Those are three great words to describe a pug. In fact, I would definitely use them to describe my pug. There is something so awesome about a dog that loves to sleep until early afternoon. Pugs were born to keep us cozy. Cozy in our beds and our hearts. Malin seems like a mellow mama, and I would love to kick it with her one night. Listen to some jams and hang; you already know she’s cool. 

To Malin’s Family, as a fellow owner of a cozy, tired, and loving pug, we are most lucky to be able to cuddle constantly with our babies. They are always there when we need a hug, always. Give Malin a hug for me! Pugs and kisses always!