9 Reasons Why Dogs Lick Excessively

Brown and white shih tzu puppy

It is not at all proven that a person can prevent any licking habits in their dog, whatever breed of dog they obtain. Dogs are known for showing interest and affection with their tongues. What is excessive? Is it possible that your dog is licking for the wrong reasons? Here comes the nine possible causes for your dog’s licking habits and everything that you need.

Dog’s Appetite

When dogs are hunting for food or water, they will lick objects. Is it getting close to dinnertime? Your dog may be sucking any yummy morsel they can find to tide them over, or they may be thirsty and licking any spilt water to relieve their thirst.

Check your pet’s food and water bowls if he or she is licking everything. If they’re continuously licking because they’re hungry, consider breaking up their feeding schedule into several smaller meals, so they don’t get as hungry during the day.

Attention Seeker

Do you give your dog treats and cuddles in exchange for licking? If that’s the case, it’s no surprise they love to lick whatever they get in front of them! They’ve figured out that licking items to garner attention is a good way to acquire attention!

Dogs habituates with the behaviors they may use to achieve the desired consequences. If they are aware that licking the walls will cause dad and mom to stop what they’re doing and give them their full attention, they will start doing this job immediately.

Self Grooming

A dog’s tongue is a perfectly reasonable option for a quick bath, even if it lacks the super-powerful grooming tongue of a cat. If your dog is licking themselves, they may have found some stray fur and are trying to straighten it out.


Dogs use their tongues to explore their environment as they perform this job by pawing and snipping. They can’t ask you any questions, so they have to rely on trial and error to determine their conclusion. The simplest way for the spot to figure out is if the dog is licking at one corner.

The dog learns about things they’re licking when they lick it, so they’re more likely to lick things they don’t comprehend the first time. Therefore, use an electric dog collar fence to control them.


When dogs are sick, they may lick objects. If they have a terrible feeling in their stomach or mouth, they may begin licking an object to relieve the discomfort. Similarly to how licking their skin can aid with itching, licking an object can help with a bad taste in their mouth. Some dogs may lick objects excessively right before throwing up. So, check if you can spot a pattern between licking and vomiting.

Pain Or Itching

If the dog is continuously licking the same location again and over, it could mean they’re in pain or having an infection. Licking the skin can temporarily relieve aches and itching, similar to rubbing or scratching in people. Give your dog a once-over if he or she is licking one location repeatedly to check if anything is bothering them.

Boredom Or Stress

Boredom or stress can cause dogs to lick. Is your dog’s situation different now? Is your dog thinking about anything that happened recently? It’s generally a good idea to have them checked out by a veterinarian if the licking is destructive or lasts for a long time. However, it’s possible that they simply had something on their minds, or perhaps not enough on their minds.

Cognitive Disorder

Due to cognitive impairment, many dogs start licking at a higher ratio. Because their thinking has been influenced, you don’t know why they’re doing it. Pets may lick as a result of an anxiety disorder or an extreme compulsive disorder.

To begin, attempt to redirect your dog’s focus away from licking. If they cannot stop, it may be necessary to consult a veterinarian about such a situation. Veterinarians may be able to give drugs or offer more advice on how to assist your dog in pausing with licking.

Playing Time

When dogs are playing, they enjoy licking. Dogs lick themselves, toys, and many other things. When playing, in the same way, dogs also kiss you by licking. Dogs lick as a form of social interaction, similar to how people hug. They may be simply expressing their gratitude for their item.

Bottom Line

While you might think your dog’s licking is excessive, it’s likely a completely average amount of dogs in this universe have licking habits. When there is pain or damage linked with licking, it becomes a problem or an issue.

Photo by Tamas Pap on Unsplash.