The Heroic Auggie

Canada loves their pugs. And here’s why. Meet the heroic Auggie from North of the border.

Pug disguised as Captain America



— Clearly short for Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. 


Saskatchewan, Canada.

— Lots of land to pug around. 


“Handsome & Heroic. Self explanatory I’d say haha. He got his name from the movie “Role Models” where one of the main characters was named “Auggie”… he was a knight in shining armour in that movie and Auggie is most definitely my knight in shining armour!”

— And we couldn’t agree more. Look at him! Standing there in all his glory; shining puglight for all to see. This outfit is amazing so thank you Mom for finding Auggie this epic costume. At the end of the day, our pugs are protectors of our hearts and homes. They are all our heros. 

To Auggie’s family, thank you for reminding us how much we love our precious babies. He is wonderful and I’m glad the world can meet him. Pugs and kisses always.