The Baby Chloe

Baby pug laying on a white carpet.

Instantly when I saw her I was in love. This is baby Chloe and she dreams in Oregon.



— A sweet name for a sweet girl.


Portland, OR.

— Lucky… a pugtastic town.


”Adorable (in general and in this photo), Feisty (which you cannot tell from the photo). Also I love this “baby seal” look. I think it’s her eyes, while beautiful, are also her kryptonite.”

— Kryptonite is right, just look at this face. She could turn even the most evil pug villain into a big pile of pug love. I mean… I’m melting inside. I can’t help it. But really, her beautiful eyes could make anyone weak in the knees. Chloe is a super pug with super pug powers and we love her. 

To Chloe’s family, your life must be a whole lot sweeter with her in it. Pugs and kisses always.