The Gentleman Charlie

This one time… I fell in love with a pug and his name was Charlie. Not only is he a beautiful Brit but he’s got the paws to prove it.

Close-up of pug with its tongue out



— Great name all around. 


Somerset, United Kingdom.

— More specifically, Charlie lives on the Exmoor. Look it up, incredible. As is he. 


“Charlie is funny and kind. He’s so gentle but he loves everyone and isn’t afraid of ANYTHING. He joins in with whatever I do especially if it involves long walks in the hills, chicken or cheese!”

— So you’re telling me there’s a pug who’s British, who lives on the coastal shire, is brave and loves cheese? Um, he’s like my dream man. Charlie is a total gentleman. His manners are impeccable. And the idea of a pug with a British accent excites me. If only pugs could talk… 

To Charlie’s family, I’m not sure how you met Charlie but the Pug Gods have blessed you. I’m glad you both ended up together. Pugs and kisses always.