The Princess Pugalena Pai

Small pug playing with baby toy

Immediately I’m asking myself, is she sticking her tongue out for the picture or is she naturally that beautiful? Almost like the Mona Lisa. Is she smiling at me? I don’t know, I don’t care. Meet her highness, Princess Pugalena Pai.


Pugalena Pai.

— With a name like that, you know she must be of Pug royalty. Pugalena from the Pug Dynasty of Pai.


Annapolis, MD.

— I wonder if Pugalena eats crab? I hear it’s the local delicacy and she is royalty so…


“Adorable. Loving. Enjoys watching reality tv shows, going on car rides, and going on walks. Very photogenic. Likes to dress up. Always begging for food. Best family dog.”

— Pugalena Pai sounds like she has the world at her finger tips. I picture her room to be bright pink with lots of butterflies and pretty pug things all over. For example, her rainbow caterpillar toy pictured above. She’s floating through life without a pug care in the world. And why shouldn’t she? Pugalena is a pug princess and it would be silly for her to worry. Besides she needs to pick out her gown for the evening ball! 

To Pugalena Pai’s family, it must have been really hard for you to discipline this dog. With a face like that it seems almost impossible! Pugs and kisses always!