The Real McCoy

Instantly I’m on a beach with a pug and I couldn’t be happier. This pug is just pumped to be alive. He’s a seasoned seapug looking for sea shells down by the seashore. Say that ten times fast. Say hello to the real McCoy. He’s living easy all the way up north in Maine.

Pug over a sea shore



— What a great name for a pug. Seriously, I would never think of that and it’s totally awesome. Kudos.


Belfast, Maine.

— What up all you crazy Mainiacs!! Love Maine, love people and pugs from Maine. Doesn’t get any better than a beautiful, fresh aired state with beaches, mountains, and lakes – oh my!


“He is a very active pug who loves to play ball, swim, dig holes, and go for long walks in the woods. The only thing that slows this pug down is the rain! ;) ”

— Much like every person I know from Maine, McCoy sounds like he’s an outdoors kind of guy. As he should be. He lives in Maine; the opportunities for pugventures are endless. And look at his picture. Just an easygoing guy puggin’ around in the sand. I love it. Obviously this isn’t McCoy’s first trip to the beach and I know it won’t be the last. It’s funny how much pugs love the beach and prancing in the shallow waves. I say funny because every pug I know hates the rain, like, loathes entirely. Getting their paws wet when they feel like it is no big deal, but try walking a pug in a rain storm and see if they don’t put up a fight. Snowstorms are different because they’re cold. Not doing your business because they don’t feel like getting wet is pure stubbornness. I don’t know many pugs that swim though so now I’m curious, how did this happen? Did you teach him or was this just a natural progression? Either way, this pug is something special. I guess that’s why he’s called the Real McCoy. 

To McCoy’s Family, I feel like you have a pug with the personality of a golden retriever, which is just totally awesome. Next you’re going to tell me he fetches the paper and plays ultimate Frisbee. Imagine? I’ll leave that with you. Pugs and kisses always.