The Mature Mia & The Frolicsome Maki

Two pugs together

¡Hola mis amigas, emocionado conocerlas! Obviously that means I’m excited to meet you in Spanish. I say obviously because I obviously knew that and didn’t Google it or anything. Say hello to Mia and Maki, bellas hermanas de ciudad de México.


Mia & Maki.

— These names sound so lovely together. I would think of nothing but sweetness and rainbows every time I said them out loud. 


México City, México.

— Really when I saw this, I knew spreading puglove was something special. It’s become a global movement and we will continue to pug on.


“Mia and Maki are the love of my life, so what can I say about them… We love them so much though they are not alike…thank God for the chance of having them on my life… And as I always say: one pug is never enough!”

Mia (left) is very passive, so caring, an excellent mummy. She had 7 babies. Always obedient and very playful…“ 

— So Mia is boss basically. And you have to respect her for it. She’s had 7 kids and still has a bitchin’ body. You go girl. She looks like such a lover. You can see it in her eyes. She’s down to be your pug, just like a head lady in charge. 

“Maki (right) has a parrot/cat complex, she likes to dominate any time but she’s sooooo adorable, she has that special look that whenever she stares at you fells like you’re melting!!!“ 

 — And Maki is the younger sister who hasn’t grown up yet… Mia can’t be bothered with the birds or cats because she knows more. Maki is still having fun, going out late, getting crazy doing pug things. Although, something tells me she gets away with almost everything. She has perfected the, “I’m innocent” face. Much like any teenage pug, she can do no wrong. 

To Mia and Maki’s Family, I agree with you, one pug is never enough. Any family with a dog especially a pug is blessed. But to have more than one well, the Pug Heavens are shining bright puglight all over you. Pugs and kisses always.