The Marvelous Maybel

Puppy on a teddy bear

Can we please notice that this pug has her front paws crossed like lady pugs should? Just lovely really and what a better name than Maybel for such a lady-like pug. Maybel is pug and proper, and she’s sitting pretty in Scotland.



-When I say the name Maybel, I think of roses and lilies. I don’t know why but I do. Now I will think of this sweet girl.


Aberdeen, Scotland.

-Such a beautiful place. Right on the water too. Can only imagine a pug with a Scottish accent… amazing.


“Maybel is a little 8 month pug from Scotland! When she first arrived she had very serious case of pneumonia and to start with it wasn’t known if she would pull through or not! But fortunately she has and she is a strong healthy pug!! Happy as larry and loves to chase her car friend stars!! And sitting on big bear!!”

-I just realized now that Miss Maybel is lying on top of a giant teddy bear. At first I thought it was a furry carpet. Silly me too because a carpet is just not appropriate for such a fabulous pug; I should have known better. Maybel knew there was something worth fighting for when she was a sick baby. She knew that once she got better there was a whole world of happiness to be had including but not limited to chasing cars and relaxing on giant stuffed animals. Now that she’s a young lady and no longer a little girl, Maybel is enjoying the puglife and she’ll be the first one to tell you all about it. I also love Maybel’s harness. Quite fashionable but again, I would expect nothing less from such a lovely pug.

To Maybel’s Family, it makes me happy knowing that you nursed little Maybel back to her pugtential. Both of you were equally as lucky to have found each other. Pugs and kisses always.