The Magnanimous Max

What’s up Homie?! This face is pretty awesome in a human way. In a pug way he looks kind of scared and confused. But before we jump to any pugclusions, lets find out more about Max from the Midwest.

White pug dog doubting



— Max is latin for greatest; making it a perfect name for a pug. 


Des Moines, Iowa

— A very hip and happening city. 


“Max the pug is quite the dog, he loves food, and cuddling. He follows me everywhere and loves to run laps around our living room. He has an awesome personality and makes the cutest faces!”

— So like most guys from the middle states, he’s the pug next-door kind of pug. Max is pleasant, engaging, loving, and kind. He likes sports and junk food, but he keeps active so he’s still in shape; intelligent and knows how to tell a joke. Maybe this picture was taken after Max told an amazing pug story and he was waiting for a reaction. When all he got was a flash of light he was confused. One minute he’s chillin’ on the couch, the next he’s blinded. Or maybe he just saw someone with food. Both are highly feasible. 

To Max’s Family, I wish I had a calendar of crazy Max faces. I can only image the looks you get. Lucky… Pugs and kisses always.