The Insouciant Haylea

Hello Sleeping Beauty! Look at this pug resting her sweet little head. This precious face belongs to Haylea and everything’s goin’ her way in Oklahoma.

Brown pug dog resting on a bed



— The name Haylea looks and sounds so soft in text, outloud and in my head. Pug ears, as we know, are particularly soft and I bet Haylea has some super soft pug ears. 


Tulsa, Oklahoma.

— I played the integral role of Dolly in the theatrical production of Oklahoma! when I was 9… pretty major. You know, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain? Also Grandma Pugger is an ole Sooner so GO OU! 


“Haylea is so sweet and, like all dogs, loves attention. Haylea loves playing with her toys and laying down to take long naps.  She is my baby.”

— Well bless this sweet little pug. Haylea is just dreaming away without a care in the world. Warm and cozy under the covers no less. Why is it that all pugs no matter what, when given the choice, without fail, will sleep in your bed as if it was given to them upon arrival? They know nothing of the floor except for occasional napping. But then I start to think, it’s not so much about the bed as it is when giving the choice, our pugs without fail want to sleep with us. Pugs have a way of nooking themselves to us in the night. On top of our legs, planted in our armpits, or wrapped around our heads these babies just want to be next to us. No matter what. And despite my restless nights of discomfort in a quite reasonably sized bed, I’m totally okay with it. The more puglove the better. 

To Haylea’s Family, I have a feeling a day in the life of Haylea would be pretty fabulous. Lots of fun things to play with, someone to pamper me and give me love, and no one to bother me when I feel like taking a snooze. If only we were all as lucky as our pugs. Pugs and kisses always.