The Angelic Artie

I say angelic because he is. The story of Artie brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. He is a guardian Angel sent from Pug Heaven and here’s why.

Black pug with his woman guardian



— Assuming his full name is Arthur, one of the meanings of Arthur is said to be rock. Makes sense too because Artie is the rock of his family.


San Mateo, California

— Right outside of San Fran, pawesome. 


“My wife lives with M.S. and has good and bad days…His entire existence seems to be to take care of her and he literally never leaves her side. He won’t play, eat, relax, or sleep unless she tells him she’s ok and that he doesn’t have to “work” he is totally focused on her, couldn’t be bothered by his little brother and sister’s antics, regulates the hell out of them when they get out of hand, and has the most amazing bond with my wife.”

— Talk about pulling on my heartstrings. Artie has helped his family through the roughest of times and continues to be the best pug he can be to his Mom. All dogs stay strong for us humans when we can’t. The intuition they have is something quite mystical. Always knowing what we’re thinking, they know before we do. Our babies do the best they can to take care of us, pugs especially. Pugs are healing dogs you see. I have always been told this and I know it is true. They heal our soul. They are our guardian angels. 

To Artie’s Family, this is a very special post. We all know dogs are incredible, but when you hear about them in action it always hits your heart. Artie has touched all of us. Lots of love to you and your family. Pugs and kisses always.