The Alluring Abbey

Well this is almost too good to be true. We have a fabulous pug dressed in her Christmas best, and I dig it. Couldn’t think of a better way then to start the holiday season. This magical pugdeer is named Abbey and she prances in Pennsylvania.



— Abbey who lives on Abbey Road? Could be.


Newtown, Pennsylvania.

— The Everhart Museum is amazing; a very cool place. 


“We adopted Abbey in May of this year. I was taking one of our cats to the vet and I heard there was a pug at the shelter. I immediately ran over to the shelter and got her. I had been looking for a dog and I wanted a pug soooo bad! Abbey is about 5.5 yrs and loves fluffy squeaky toys and sleeping in late. She is the queen of schnuffling and snoring. Her nickname is “bananas pug” because she is full of energy.”

— This sounds like another pug-miracle. You two were meant to be together. It could be a total coincidence but I believe in higher pug powers and Abbey is definitely from you know where, Pug Heaven. The fact that she has antlers should be proof enough that she’s on another level. This getup is something fabulous too. Abbey looks thrilled to be wearing it, which lets me know she’s more than happy to spread her Christmas puglove all over the place. 

To Abbey’s Family, I am taking so much from this image. I picture Abbey as a precious pugdeer who prances in front of the Everhart while sipping on her gingerbread latte. Long story short, I flippin’ love her. Pugs and kisses always.