Pug GIFs Are Amazing

Yesterday, on my daily blog fix, I came across something so spectacular, so fabulously awesome, I felt it was my duty to somehow share it. I pulled these pugtastic GIFs below from a post on Buzzfeed, The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time: The best, cutest, and most ridiculous canine moments probably ever. All of them are simply incredible.

I feel it’s no surprise the #1 Greatest Dog GIF Of All Time stars a pug; a sassy pug. The breed also tops the charts in number of GIFs in the countdown (obviously). I figure if you’re having a rough day and need to giggle, come here, get some puglove and laughs from these precious pugs and make your heart smile. Holler if you hear me.

#40 Pug and Stairs

All pugs have this way about their walk, it’s more of a strut or in this case a pounce. It’s like he or she has springs for paws. Could you imagine? Bouncing instead of walking… makes me nauseous kind of. 

#37 Doppelgänger Pug            

Doppelgänger pug

This pug is totally confused but completely open to meeting a new friend. I love it. I bet they could play with this thing for hours. Might get frustrated though with the lack of effort on the toys part. Then they may realize the head isn’t on there so good. Watch out Bobble. 

#33 Running Puppy Pug 

Running puppy pug

I mean, watching a pug puppy pounce on grass in slow motion is just pure innocence and joy.  

#25 Beastly Desert Pug

Beastly desert pug

He or she is totally into this too. You want to know why, because for the first time ever this pug gets to play dress up as the badass. Most of the time we put our pugs in sweaters and other silly get-ups. Not this time; this is awesome. They’re like the horned sand monster of doom. 

#18 Fab Unipug

Fab Unipug

In my mind, a Unipug is the most mythical of all pugs. Their pug powers are irrepressible and he or she should be proud to be born with such magic. But to follow along with what I previously said about dressing up our pugs, this is the exact opposite of a badass and this pug is not happy. 

#9 Pug Puppy Kisses 

Pug puppy kisses

Heart is melting… I wonder if they are still together? Hope so. 

#8 Strollin’ Pug 

Strollin' pug

Watching any dog walk on two legs is pretty funny. Watching a pug walk on two legs pushing a stroller, really funny. 

#5 This Pug

This pug

Pretty sure this pug thought they were home alone; looks petrified. Could also be that he or she just got a nice whiff of something real delicious and they whipped their head around in excitement. Both very feasible. 

#1 Sassy Pug

Sassy pug

As the pug approaches their dinner bowl, a shadow appears in the corner of their eye and he or she says, Back off B*tch this food is mine.

 A-mazing. Pugs and kisses.