The Darling Tiffani

Little pug sleeping.

I can’t. I really can’t… I mean, there was something so right in the world the day this pug was born. This is Tiffani. Words can’t express how I feel inside when I see this face. And it’s going to be hard for me to write this post as I’ve just turned into a big pile of mushy puglove.


Tiffani, Tiffa and Hippogriffani when she is newly bathed! (Her fur divides and looks like feathers)

— For this much pug even three names aren’t enough. Tiffannifoo has a nice ring to it.


Malmoe, Sweden.

— I wonder if Malin and Tiffani are friends? So much puglove in Sweden. I must go. 


“My best friend, most loyal-not always patient-companion. Gets your awwwww’s going on overdrive.”

— Well my aw’s are still going. Seriously, this is crazy. She’s smiling without smiling, laughing without laughing, and loving without loving. All in that perfectly precious pug face of hers. It’s incredible. Tiffa is one giant pile of love. I bet her ears are really soft too. Some people say pugs are so ugly they’re cute. I say screw em. There’s Bettys and Debbies in every community why should the pug race be different. And just to clarify, Tiffa is a total Betty. 

To Tiffani’s Family, I don’t know how you do it. Leaving the house must be like a battle on your heart every day. Somehow, the pug always seems to prevail. It’s really because we want them to. Pugs and kisses always!