Tag: puppy

  • The Ebullient Jackson

    Now that is a pug face if I ever saw one. And look at those paws! Someone’s been having some fun. Let’s meet Someone. This is Jackson and he’s blooming up north in Kingston!

  • The Puppy Chulo

    Try and tell me you’re not making gushy sounds of awe. You can’t, because any human with a soul knows this is one beautiful baby. This picture brings me back. But before we go back let’s go forward, meet Chulo and he’s down south in Georgia.

  • The Auspicious Mazie

    Well isn’t that the sweetest piece of pug-puppy pie these baby blues have ever seen. This is one precious little girl. And her polka dot dress is fabulous. This is Mazie and she’s sitting pretty down in sunny Florida.

  • Pug .GIFs Are Amazing

    Yesterday, on my daily blog fix, I came across something so spectacular, so fabulously awesome, I felt it was my duty to somehow share it. I pulled these pugtastic .GIFs below from a post on Buzzfeed,“The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time: The best, cutest, and most ridiculous canine moments probably ever”. All of them are simply…