Pug Dogs That Should Be Famous


This my angel named Marlo. He took my heart and ran. And I thank heavens every day he did. He has brought me so much joy, so much love! I’ve been in the presence of amazing dogs my whole life. All big dogs though. When it was time for me to get my own baby, the universe blessed me with a pug. Puglove is something only pug owners experience. It’s an emotion all in itself: a warm tingling feeling inside your chest. Spreading puglove is something that makes my heart smile. Getting to talk about precious pugs is a treat to me. And who doesn’t want to meet another pug? They’re all fabulous and not sharing would be selfish. Pugs are awesome and so are we. Why? Because we have one… and if you’re really lucky, more than one.

Name: Marlo

-He’s named after a character on a TV show. I tried Omar first but he didn’t respond as well.

Location: New York City

-He vacations in the Adirondacks with his grandparents and then kicks it with me in the Big City the rest of the time. He’s a mountain pug but he loves city smells.

Adjectives: Marlo is stubborn. Since the day he knew how to walk up and down stairs his ego went through the roof. He won’t give up until he gets a snack. He thinks he’s invincible but that’s because I want him to. He’s down for anything and has made me smile and laugh every day since I met him. I’m the luckiest girl in the world to have this guy in my life. He’s my perfect companion, my perfect pug.

-How crazy do I sound? That’s because I am crazy about this pug. I swear dogs are human souls, who have been reborn so many times they come back as our best friends with tails. We were meant to meet each other he and I. He’s pretty mellow except when he’s hungry, which is almost always. I couldn’t imagine my world without him. He’s truly something special and if I’m honest, he’s pretty flippin’ lucky he found me too. I spoil him rotten and he took over my rather large bed when he was 14 weeks old.

I’m very happy I could share that little bit about Marlo. There’s so much more to him than that, as there is to all our pugs. But every pug is special and we know that already. Pugs and kisses always.