Pug Dogs That Should Be Famous

Her sweater makes her a lady, her smile makes her a pug. Meet sweet lady Lola from Ontario.

Name: Miss Lola Pugface

-L-O-L-A lo-lo-lo-lo Lola. I always appreciate a full name too. 

Location: Ontario, Canada

-So much love for pugs up North. I’m starting to get jealous. Might be time for a pugventure.

Adjectives: ”Loyal – she never leaves my side or gets from under my feet! Gets up to mischief but gets away with everything because of that beautiful face!! Love,love,love her!!”

-Some pugs hate clothes, but Lola looks so happy. The sweater fits her perfectly; cute cut for her tiny pug waist. You know she feels good. Mischief or just puggin’ around – Lola wins. And it’s all because of you Mom. She loves, loves, loves you right back. 

To Lola’s family, she’s a treasure. A pug I’m glad we were able to meet. Pugs and kisses always.