Pug Dogs That Should Be Famous

When I first read about this precious pug I giggled. Snoopy is his name and loving food and family is his game. I also feel for Snoopy because we both have a weakness for cheese.

Name: Snoopy

-Never thought about it but a lot of the pugs I meet remind me of the character Snoopy. Wonder if he’s named after him? 

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

-This is amazing. Feeling the puglove from so far away.

Adjectives: “What can I say about him – always hungry, ready to sell his toys for a piece of cheese. Make all the people around smile =) loves to be a second pilot in a car. He is the most lovely part of our family.”

-Great description. My imagination starting going and there I was looking at a pug on the corner of Canal and Broadway with a sign saying, “Will sell toys for food.” Anyway, enough about me and more about Snoopy. He’s a baby pug and baby pugs always get what they want. They get what they want because we can’t help it. Some people think it’s crazy I wake up with a pug butt in my face but really, at the end of the day, how can you say no to a face like that? Not possible… I want to snuggle and cheese is too good not to share. 

To Snoopy’s Family, pugs make great co-pilots in life and in cars. Snoopy seems like he would never steer you wrong and I know you have his back too. Pugs and kisses always.