It's a pug's world and we're all just living in it. Cause we're all a bunch of mother puggers.

I say angelic because he is. The story of Artie brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my heart. He is a guardian Angel sent from Pug Heaven and here’s why.

Name: Artie

-Assuming his full name is Arthur, one of the meanings of Arthur is said to be rock. Makes sense too because Artie is the rock of his family.

Location: San Mateo, California

-Right outside of San Fran, pawesome. 

Adjectives: “My wife lives with M.S. and has good and bad days…His entire existence seems to be to take care of her and he literally never leaves her side. He won’t play, eat, relax, or sleep unless she tells him she’s ok and that he doesn’t have to “work” he is totally focused on her, couldn’t be bothered by his little brother and sister’s antics, regulates the hell out of them when they get out of hand, and has the most amazing bond with my wife.”

-Talk about pulling on my heartstrings. Artie has helped his family through the roughest of times and continues to be the best pug he can be to his Mom. All dogs stay strong for us humans when we can’t. The intuition they have is something quite mystical. Always knowing what we’re thinking, they know before we do. Our babies do the best they can to take care of us, pugs especially. Pugs are healing dogs you see. I have always been told this and I know it is true. They heal our soul. They are our guardian angels. 

To Artie’s Family, this is a very special post. We all know dogs are incredible, but when you hear about them in action it always hits your heart. Artie has touched all of us. Lots of love to you and your family. Pugs and kisses always. 


Please check out The Myelin Project. They are an amazing foundation!!

I can’t. I really can’t… I mean, there was something so right in the world the day this pug was born. This is Tiffani. Words can’t express how I feel inside when I see this face. And it’s going to be hard for me to write this post as I’ve just turned into a big pile of mushy puglove.

The Darling Tiffani

Name: Tiffani, Tiffa and Hippogriffani when she is newly bathed! (Her fur divides and looks like feathers)

-For this much pug even three names aren’t enough. Tiffannifoo has a nice ring to it.

Location: Malmoe, Sweden

-I wonder if Malin and Tiffani are friends? So much puglove in Sweden. I must go. 

Adjectives: “My best friend, most loyal-not always patient-companion. Gets your awwwww’s going on overdrive.”

-Well my aw’s are still going. Seriously, this is crazy. She’s smiling without smiling, laughing without laughing, and loving without loving. All in that perfectly precious pug face of hers. It’s incredible. Tiffa is one giant pile of love. I bet her ears are really soft too. Some people say pugs are so ugly they’re cute. I say screw em. There’s Bettys and Debbies in every community why should the pug race be different. And just to clarify, Tiffa is a total Betty. 

To Tiffani’s Family, I don’t know how you do it. Leaving the house must be like a battle on your heart every day. Somehow, the pug always seems to prevail. It’s really because we want them to. Pugs and kisses always!


Oh, hello Angel. Don’t you look precious? This is Malin and she’s an easygoing blonde babe from Sweden. Even the pugs are good looking… I mean.

Name: Malin

-A very pretty name for a very pretty girl.  

Location: Sweden

-I think Sweden’s a fabulous country. The people and their pugs are well off. 

Adjectives: “The most cosy, tired and loving dog in the world!!!!!”

-Those are three great words to describe a pug. In fact, I would definitely use them to describe my pug. There is something so awesome about a dog that loves to sleep until early afternoon. Pugs were born to keep us cozy. Cozy in our beds and our hearts. Malin seems like a mellow mama, and I would love to kick it with her one night. Listen to some jams and hang; you already know she’s cool. 

To Malin’s Family, as a fellow owner of a cozy, tired, and loving pug, we are most lucky to be able to cuddle constantly with our babies. They are always there when we need a hug, always. Give Malin a hug for me! Pugs and kisses always!


Immediately I’m asking myself, is she sticking her tongue out for the picture or is she naturally that beautiful? Almost like the Mona Lisa. Is she smiling at me? I don’t know, I don’t care. Meet her highness, Princess Pugalena Pai.

Name: Pugalena Pai

-With a name like that, you know she must be of Pug royalty. Pugalena from the Pug Dynasty of Pai.

Location: Annapolis, MD

-I wonder if Pugalena eats crab? I hear it’s the local delicacy and she is royalty so…

Adjectives: “Adorable. Loving. Enjoys watching reality tv shows, going on car rides, and going on walks. Very photogenic. Likes to dress up. Always begging for food. Best family dog.”

-Pugalena Pai sounds like she has the world at her finger tips. I picture her room to be bright pink with lots of butterflies and pretty pug things all over. For example, her rainbow caterpillar toy pictured above. She’s floating through life without a pug care in the world. And why shouldn’t she? Pugalena is a pug princess and it would be silly for her to worry. Besides she needs to pick out her gown for the evening ball! 

To Pugalena Pai’s family, it must have been really hard for you to discipline this dog. With a face like that it seems almost impossible! Pugs and kisses always!


Beautiful sisters! It’s my pleasure to introduce Miss Pounchkie and Miss Praline Marie. Because there are two of them, and to make it easy on my heart, I’ve decided to tell you about each lady individually. It’s just better that way…

Name: Pounchkie

-Apparently she’s named after a Polish donut and quite frankly I believe it. She’s as delicious as warm pug pie.

Location: Chicago, IL

-Serving up sweetness all over the Windy City.

Adjectives: “PO may be little, but all 19 pounds of her is fearless… And its good thing she’s not a cat for she’s already spent 4 of her 9 lives… Cute, a lover not a fighter. Seldom far from her big sister, she’s currently a member in coffee anonymous given her fondness for trips to the local coffee chain drive in for free smells.”

-Sounds like my kind of lady pug. She looks like an adventurous kind of girl; ready for everything and anything. I bet she’s smart too. She had an older sister to show her all the tricks of being a fabulous pug. And something tells me with that fit figure she has no problem with the guys. 

Name: Praline Marie

-I’m starting to get a tooth ache from talking about all these delicious baked goods… I mean pugs.

Location: Chicago, IL

-I bet Praline knows some good parks or places to hang. Next time we’re in Chicago we will have to ask her.

Adjectives: ”Brains with a body built like Dolly Parton, a smile that she dares you not to smile back with, always ready to make you laugh and stop licking that!”

-Praline looks like she knows all. Sometimes I think our babies can read our minds. You know, when they tilt their head and give you those wide pug eyes? Makes your heart smile. Praline is 10 this year and I think you all will agree, girl looks good. She keeps up with little Sis and stays in shape. She’s just a lovely lady all around. 

Is it just me or are these two leaning into each other, smiling with their eyes, waiting for Mom to get the perfect shot? It’s as if they know they’re posing for a photo, which they do of course because pugs are brilliant and naturally photogenic. Mostly because they are all so gorgeous but also because they love having their picture taken. You can tell they make a great team. Makes me happy knowing these two babies found each other. They might not be from the same litter but they are from the same place: Pug Heaven. 

To Pounchkie & Praline’s family, the amount of puglove that glows throughout your home must be enchanting. What a lucky life you all have. Although something tells me you already know that… Pugs and kisses always.


This one time… I fell in love with a pug and his name was Charlie. Not only is he a beautiful Brit but he’s got the paws to prove it.

Name: Charlie

-Great name all around. 

Location: Somerset, United Kingdom

-More specifically, Charlie lives on the Exmoor. Look it up, incredible. As is he. 

Adjectives: “Charlie is funny and kind. He’s so gentle but he loves everyone and isn’t afraid of ANYTHING. He joins in with whatever I do especially if it involves long walks in the hills, chicken or cheese!”

-So you’re telling me there’s a pug who’s British, who lives on the coastal shire, is brave and loves cheese? Um, he’s like my dream man. Charlie is a total gentleman. His manners are impeccable. And the idea of a pug with a British accent excites me. If only pugs could talk… 

To Charlie’s family, I’m not sure how you met Charlie but the Pug Gods have blessed you. I’m glad you both ended up together. Pugs and kisses always.


If I saw this pug struttin’ along, I would most definitely stop to inquire. Who is this fabulous creature? Well, now I know. This is Ziggy and he’s magical.

Name: Ziggy

-Obviously, he’s a Rock Star. 

Location: Salem, Massachusetts

-Spreading his pug magic all over the state. 

Adjectives: “Goofy and Caring. Ziggy is the love of my life. He makes me smile and laugh everyday.”

-I’m going to go ahead and rule out the possibility that this could be a wig, because it’s not. Clearly this dog was blessed with a full head of purple hair. And you know what? It’s not everyday you see a purple-haired pug. Until now I didn’t think they existed, much like a unicorn or a pegasus. This gives me hope. 

To Ziggy’s family, I’m jealous you have a magical pug. All pugs are special but not all pugs are magical and Ziggy is. His hair tells me so. Pugs and kisses always. 


Her sweater makes her a lady, her smile makes her a pug. Meet sweet lady Lola from Ontario.

Name: Miss Lola Pugface

-L-O-L-A lo-lo-lo-lo Lola. I always appreciate a full name too. 

Location: Ontario, Canada

-So much love for pugs up North. I’m starting to get jealous. Might be time for a pugventure.

Adjectives: ”Loyal – she never leaves my side or gets from under my feet! Gets up to mischief but gets away with everything because of that beautiful face!! Love,love,love her!!”

-Some pugs hate clothes, but Lola looks so happy. The sweater fits her perfectly; cute cut for her tiny pug waist. You know she feels good. Mischief or just puggin’ around – Lola wins. And it’s all because of you Mom. She loves, loves, loves you right back. 

To Lola’s family, she’s a treasure. A pug I’m glad we were able to meet. Pugs and kisses always. 


Canada loves their pugs. And here’s why. Meet the heroic Auggie from North of the border.

Name: Auggie

-Clearly short for Augustus, the first Roman Emperor. 

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

-Lots of land to pug around. 

Adjectives: “Handsome & Heroic. Self explanatory I’d say haha. He got his name from the movie “Role Models” where one of the main characters was named “Auggie”… he was a knight in shining armour in that movie and Auggie is most definitely my knight in shining armour!”

-And we couldn’t agree more. Look at him! Standing there in all his glory; shining puglight for all to see. This outfit is amazing so thank you Mom for finding Auggie this epic costume. At the end of the day, our pugs are protectors of our hearts and homes. They are all our heros. 

To Auggie’s family, thank you for reminding us how much we love our precious babies. He is wonderful and I’m glad the world can meet him. Pugs and kisses always. 


Instantly when I saw her I was in love. This is baby Chloe and she dreams in Oregon.

Name: Chloe

-A sweet name for a sweet girl.

Location: Portland, OR

-Lucky… a pugtastic town.      

Adjectives: ”Adorable (in general and in this photo), Feisty (which you cannot tell from the photo). Also I love this “baby seal” look. I think it’s her eyes, while beautiful, are also her kryptonite.”

-Kryptonite is right, just look at this face. She could turn even the most evil pug villain into a big pile of pug love. I mean… I’m melting inside. I can’t help it. But really, her beautiful eyes could make anyone weak in the knees. Chloe is a super pug with super pug powers and we love her. 

To Chloe’s family, your life must be a whole lot sweeter with her in it. Pugs and kisses always.