It's a pug's world and we're all just living in it. Cause we're all a bunch of mother puggers.

Try and tell me you’re not making gushy sounds of awe. You can’t, because any human with a soul knows this is one beautiful baby. This picture brings me back. But before we go back let’s go forward, meet Chulo and he’s down south in Georgia.

Name: Chulo

-Definition: a very precious pug.

Location: Dallas, Georgia

-Peaches and pugs help keep life sweet!

Adjectives: ”He loves to eat, play, and sleep. (In that order) he is a loving, kind, smart dog and he loves to be cuddled.”

– Holy Cannoli… instantly I’m reminded of how I went from dog-x to a pug. Puppy Chulo is like a pugdrug and I’m dangerously addicted. To be honest, I had always wanted a bulldog. Just seemed like my kind of breed. And I had only met a couple pugs prior to meeting my little miracle Marlo. But from the moment I saw him, his face, that pug puppy puss, I was but a helpless moth to his beaming rays of puglove. I held him in my arms, a piece of my heart ignited, and I knew he was the one for me. There’s something about a baby pug that makes us humans go crazy. I would be lying if I said the level of cuteness had nothing to do with me becoming the proud pug owner I am today. It had everything to do with it.

To Chulo’s Family, thank you for reminding me of that most special moment in time. We were all blessed the day we met our pugs; we are the lucky ones. Pugs and kisses always.


This looks like a sweet and gentle pug. The kind of pug that will nook up on a stranger’s foot for a pet or two. A loving pug that just lies around, or on top of you, and radiates puglove. This is Bentley and he’s fueling my pugflames all the way from Dallas.

Name: Bentley

-I immediately picture Bentley in a Bentley and the mental image is glorious. 

Location: Dallas, Texas

-I’ve always wanted to go to Texas, and my favorite t-shirt says “Don’t Mess With Texas,” it’s awesome. My sister was born there too so I think it’s in my cards to love Texas. I love it even more now that I know Bentley’s there. 

Adjectives: “He likes long naps, short walks, and plenty of snacks. Definitely a momma’s boy!”

-This sounds a lot like another pug I know… (Cough)(Marlo)(Cough)… Bentley’s Mom also told me that he’s 4 years old so he’s hit his plateau of puppy-pug wickedness. What I mean is that our babies only get sweeter with age. Pug puppies, although disgustingly adorable, are quite a handful. With time, these precious angels are less about the destruction of your belongings and more about loving the sh*t out of you. Why? Because that’s what pugs do best, and that’s all they have to do really. We are blinded by their love to the point where feeding them bacon isn’t cause for special occasion, it’s because in our minds they simply deserve it. 

To Bentley’s Family, I imagine this baby has quite the life filled with air-conditioned naps, sunny walks, and delicious pork cuisine. Big love for this precious pug because even puglove is bigger in Texas. Pugs and kisses always. 


Question: Have you ever seen a pug that looks uncomfortable? Take some time and think about it. I haven’t. Essentially the personal comfort of our baby is all that matters in the world. Case in point, Lady Elsa of Wiltshire.

Name: Elsa

-Perfect name for this pug and I’m excited she’s the first. Lady Elsa of Wiltshire has a noble ring to it too. I’m into it. 

Location: Chippenham (Wiltshire), United Kingdom

-I can’t help but ask if the Lady Elsa and the Gentleman Charlie know each other? Something is telling me these two would be the perfect pug couple. Let’s make it happen. 

Adjectives: “Elsa is my first pug. She is a witch in disguise and has me completely under her spell! She is true to pug form, adorable, funny and extremely stubborn!”

-I think what I love most about this enchanting pug is that you can tell by the picture she rules this nest. What Lady Elsa says goes, and Mom like the rest of us, is helpless under her pug spell. Elsa doesn’t like the word no; it’s her way or the highway, and we all know pugs are extremely stubborn. Stubborn to the point where I sometimes worry Marlo could be deaf, but he’s not. He’s just ignoring me. The thought to obey when I whistle and yell his name is suddenly not computing to him. I know I’m not alone in this. I’ve seen other pugs act this way. They turn on the “go pug yourself” attitude, and do what pugs do: whatever they want. It works. It works because we’re all a bunch of suckers. 

To Elsa’s Family, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a pug’s world and we are all just lucky enough to live in it. I wish I could be a visitor in Elsa’s world. I’m definitely under her spell and she doesn’t even know I exist, that’s some serious pug power. Pugs and kisses always. 


Can we please notice that this pug has her front paws crossed like lady pugs should? Just lovely really and what a better name than Maybel for such a lady-like pug. Maybel is pug and proper, and she’s sitting pretty in Scotland.

The Marvelous Maybel

Name: Maybel

-When I say the name Maybel, I think of roses and lilies. I don’t know why but I do. Now I will think of this sweet girl.

Location: Aberdeen, Scotland

-Such a beautiful place. Right on the water too. Can only imagine a pug with a Scottish accent… amazing.

Adjectives: “Maybel is a little 8 month pug from Scotland! When she first arrived she had very serious case of pneumonia and to start with it wasn’t known if she would pull through or not! But fortunately she has and she is a strong healthy pug!! Happy as larry and loves to chase her car friend stars!! And sitting on big bear!!”

-I just realized now that Miss Maybel is lying on top of a giant teddy bear. At first I thought it was a furry carpet. Silly me too because a carpet is just not appropriate for such a fabulous pug; I should have known better. Maybel knew there was something worth fighting for when she was a sick baby. She knew that once she got better there was a whole world of happiness to be had including but not limited to chasing cars and relaxing on giant stuffed animals. Now that she’s a young lady and no longer a little girl, Maybel is enjoying the puglife and she’ll be the first one to tell you all about it. I also love Maybel’s harness. Quite fashionable but again, I would expect nothing less from such a lovely pug.

To Maybel’s Family, it makes me happy knowing that you nursed little Maybel back to her pugtential. Both of you were equally as lucky to have found each other. Pugs and kisses always. 


Now that is a pug face if I ever saw one. And look at those paws! Someone’s been having some fun. Let’s meet Someone. This is Jackson and he’s blooming up north in Kingston!

Name: Jackson

-I always liked this name, even for us humans. And I like Jack so two names in one.

Location: Kingston, Ontario

-I’ve been to Kingston! Played a hockey game there a few centuries ago. Lovely place!

Adjectives: “He loves to go for drives, wear sweaters, to drink our Tim Hortons when we’re not looking, to chase around our cats and curl up in his daddy’s lap when he sits on the floor and they play video games together! … Loves to snuggle, snore, hog the bed, and tug on our pant legs while we walk and listening to Piano Music!! He does not like the hair dryer, vacuum, broom or Swiffer!”

-The only thing you don’t know about Jackson is that he’s 5 months old. That being said, we all know that this is one pug prince. He definitely rules his kingdom but really, what pug doesn’t? I love a pug with personality too. My point earlier being that Jackson is still a puppy and I don’t know about you but my pug as a puppy was something else. Maybe it’s because the description reminds me of my pug Marlo. Who quite honestly was spoiled rotten and defectively disciplined so… that one’s on me. It’s hard enough to say no to a pug face but a pug puppy? My heart can’t be responsible for such a task. 

To Jackson’s Family, you and you’re baby are just beginning. So much puglove to be had; I’m excited for you. Pugs and kisses always.


We already know their older brother the Angelic Artie. Say hello to his younger sister Jet and brother Tank. Essentially this family is an army of pugs with serious pug power. Pugtastic.

Name: Jet (left) | Tank (right)

-So first there was Tank which, is a great name for a pug. Never met a dog named Tank so also very exciting.  And then there was Jet, which again, a great name for a pug. Combine these two together and like I said, the Pug Military. These are the type of armed forces I want to join; sign me up. 

Location: San Mateo, California

-One lucky town to have these pugs protecting them. 

Adjectives: “These two are Tank and Jet. They have the same parents but are from different litters. She (Jet) joined our little family, was timid and scared at first, but quickly took over and now runs the show. These two are joined at the hip. They play all day and snuggle all night. All three love going to the local parks here in San Mateo, Ca. and have recently discovered that they love the beach.”

-It’s always special when you hear about family members finding each other. It’s just another way the Pug Gods work their pug magic on our hearts. Regardless if they’re litter-mates, I think Tank and Jet know they are siblings. That’s why they’re so close. Also these three pugs (Artie, Jet, & Tank) have the life. Not only do they live large indoors but on the beach too! Pugs generally stay away from water but once they realize there is fun to be had, like most things, they go full on. For example, the initial response from a pug to snow is distrust and confusion. As soon as they start puggin’ around and catching snowflakes, it’s over. 

To Tank and Jet’s Family, we know you, we love you, and we thank you. You’re home is beaming with puglove and there is nothing better than that. Pugs and kisses always. 


If you don’t already know him…. meet the oldest pug in this squad , The Angelic Artie. And don’t forget to check out  The Myelin Project.

Well this is almost too good to be true. We have a fabulous pug dressed in her Christmas best, and I dig it. Couldn’t think of a better way then to start the holiday season. This magical pugdeer is named Abbey and she prances in Pennsylvania.

Name: Abbey

-Abbey who lives on Abbey Road? Could be.

Location: Newtown, Pennsylvania

 -The Everhart Museum is amazing; a very cool place. 

Adjectives: “We adopted Abbey in May of this year. I was taking one of our cats to the vet and I heard there was a pug at the shelter. I immediately ran over to the shelter and got her. I had been looking for a dog and I wanted a pug soooo bad! Abbey is about 5.5 yrs and loves fluffy squeaky toys and sleeping in late. She is the queen of schnuffling and snoring. Her nickname is “bananas pug” because she is full of energy.”

-This sounds like another pug-miracle. You two were meant to be together. It could be a total coincidence but I believe in higher pug powers and Abbey is definitely from you know where, Pug Heaven. The fact that she has antlers should be proof enough that she’s on another level. This getup is something fabulous too. Abbey looks thrilled to be wearing it, which lets me know she’s more than happy to spread her Christmas puglove all over the place. 

To Abbey’s Family, I am taking so much from this image. I picture Abbey as a precious pugdeer who prances in front of the Everhart while sipping on her gingerbread latte. Long story short, I flippin’ love her. Pugs and kisses always.


Hola mis amigas! Emocionado conocerte! Obviously that means I’m excited to meet you in Spanish. I say obviously because I obviously knew that and didn’t Google it or anything. Say hello to Mia and Maki, bellas hermanas de ciudad de México.

Names: Mia & Maki

-These names sound so lovely together. I would think of nothing but sweetness and rainbows every time I said them out loud. 

Location: México City, México

-Really when I saw this, I knew spreading puglove was something special. It’s become a global movement and we will continue to pug on.

Adjectives: “Mia and Maki are the love of my life, so what can I say about them… We love them so much though they are not alike…thank God for the chance of having them on my life… And as I always say: one pug is never enough!”

Mia (left) is very passive, so caring, an excellent mummy. She had 7 babies. Always obedient and very playful…“ 

-So Mia is boss basically. And you have to respect her for it. She’s had 7 kids and still has a bitchin’ body. You go girl. She looks like such a lover. You can see it in her eyes. She’s down to be your pug, just like a head lady in charge. 

“Maki (right) has a parrot/cat complex, she likes to dominate any time but she’s sooooo adorable, she has that special look that whenever she stares at you fells like you’re melting!!!“ 

 -And Maki is the younger sister who hasn’t grown up yet… Mia can’t be bothered with the birds or cats because she knows more. Maki is still having fun, going out late, getting crazy doing pug things. Although, something tells me she gets away with almost everything. She has perfected the, “I’m innocent” face. Much like any teenage pug, she can do no wrong. 

To Mia and Maki’s Family, I agree with you, one pug is never enough. Any family with a dog especially a pug is blessed. But to have more than one well, the Pug Heavens are shining bright puglight all over you. Pugs and kisses always. 


What’s up Homie?! This face is pretty awesome in a human way. In a pug way he looks kind of scared and confused. But before we jump to any pugclusions, lets find out more about Max from the Midwest.

Name: Max

-Max is latin for greatest; making it a perfect name for a pug. 

Location: Des Moines, Iowa

-A very hip and happening city. 

Adjectives: “Max the pug is quite the dog, he loves food, and cuddling. He follows me everywhere and loves to run laps around our living room. He has an awesome personality and makes the cutest faces!”

-So like most guys from the middle states, he’s the pug next-door kind of pug. Max is pleasant, engaging, loving, and kind. He likes sports and junk food, but he keeps active so he’s still in shape; intelligent and knows how to tell a joke. Maybe this picture was taken after Max told an amazing pug story and he was waiting for a reaction. When all he got was a flash of light he was confused. One minute he’s chillin’ on the couch, the next he’s blinded. Or maybe he just saw someone with food. Both are highly feasible. 

To Max’s Family, I wish I had a calendar of crazy Max faces. I can only image the looks you get. Lucky… Pugs and kisses always. 


When I first read about this precious pug I giggled. Snoopy is his name and loving food and family is his game. I also feel for Snoopy because we both have a weakness for cheese.

Name: Snoopy

-Never thought about it but a lot of the pugs I meet remind me of the character Snoopy. Wonder if he’s named after him? 

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

-This is amazing. Feeling the puglove from so far away.

Adjectives: “What can I say about him – always hungry, ready to sell his toys for a piece of cheese. Make all the people around smile =) loves to be a second pilot in a car. He is the most lovely part of our family.”

-Great description. My imagination starting going and there I was looking at a pug on the corner of Canal and Broadway with a sign saying, “Will sell toys for food.” Anyway, enough about me and more about Snoopy. He’s a baby pug and baby pugs always get what they want. They get what they want because we can’t help it. Some people think it’s crazy I wake up with a pug butt in my face but really, at the end of the day, how can you say no to a face like that? Not possible… I want to snuggle and cheese is too good not to share. 

To Snoopy’s Family, pugs make great co-pilots in life and in cars. Snoopy seems like he would never steer you wrong and I know you have his back too. Pugs and kisses always.