Pug Dogs That Should Be Famous

So amazing. The boa is beyond. I mean, there were times growing up when all I wanted to do was wear a boa. Now, to meet a pug that not only has a bright pink boa, but also a glorious headpiece is just fabulous. And that’s exactly what Aphrodiate is, and she sets the trends out in sunny Pasadena.

Name: Aphrodiate

-This had to be her name, love at first sight. 

Location: Pasadena, California

-I would imagine there is no shortage of catching rays out there which we all know pug love to do. 

Adjectives: “Miss Aphrodiate is almost 5 years old. She is very sweet and dear. Has an old soul. Besides food, getting scratched and walks, she loves to wear jewelry and costumes, and be groomed! She is very ladylike! She sleeps with us in bed at night of course! (snores included) She has her own Facebook page too!”

I think most will agree that being in the presence of a pug will only make you smile. You obviously notice a pug even from a distance, and you’re excited about seeing them up close; especially when you have your pug. I’d say at least two times a week I’m lucky enough to have a pug encounter that will instantly make any day better. There’s something to be said for that instant feeling of happiness. I’ve concluded it’s one of their many pug powers: a type of tractor beam that radiates high levels of puglove straight to your heart. My point being, I felt all of these wonderful things when I met the fabulous Aphrodiate. I mean, her Mom’s not kidding, she loves to dress up. This is just one of the many outfits in this lady’s wardrobe but Girl… not many pugs can pull off a boa and headpiece. Aphrodiate makes it look easy. If only, right? 

To Aphrodiate’s Family, I love her sense of style and individuality. Thank you for instantly making my day better and my heart smile. Pugs and kisses always. 


Yesterday, on my daily blog fix, I came across something so spectacular, so fabulously awesome, I felt it was my duty to somehow share it. I pulled these pugtastic .GIFs below from a post on,“The 40 Greatest Dog GIFs Of All Time: The best, cutest, and most ridiculous canine moments probably ever”. All of them are simply incredible. I feel it’s no surprise the #1 Greatest Dog GIF Of All Time stars a pug; a “sassy pug”. The breed also tops the charts in number of .GIFs in the countdown (obviously). I figure if you’re having a rough day and need to giggle, come here, get some puglove and laughs from these precious pugs and make your heart smile. Holler if you hear me.

#40 Pug and Stairs

#40 Pug Up Stairs

-All pugs have this way about their walk, it’s more of a strut or in this case a pounce. It’s like he or she has springs for paws. Could you imagine? Bouncing instead of walking… makes me nauseous kind of. 

#37 Doppelgänger Pug            

-This pug is totally confused but completely open to meeting a new friend. I love it. I bet they could play with this thing for hours. Might get frustrated though with the lack of effort on the toys part. Then they may realize the head isn’t on there so good. Watch out Bobble. 

#33 Running Puppy Pug 

-I mean, watching a pug puppy pounce on grass in slow motion is just pure innocence and joy.  

#25 Beastly Desert Pug

 #25 Beastly Desert Pug

-He or she is totally into this too. You want to know why, because for the first time ever this pug gets to play dress up as the badass. Most of the time we put our pugs in sweaters and other silly get-ups. Not this time; this is awesome. They’re like the horned sand monster of doom. 

#18 Fab Unipug

#18 Fab Unipug

-In my mind, a Unipug is the most mythical of all pugs. Their pug powers are irrepressible and he or she should be proud to be born with such magic. But to follow along with what I previously said about dressing up our pugs, this is the exact opposite of a badass and this pug is not happy. 

#9 Pug Puppy Kisses 

-Heart is melting… I wonder if they are still together? Hope so. 

#8 Strollin’ Pug 

-Watching any dog walk on two legs is pretty funny. Watching a pug walk on two legs pushing a stroller, really funny. 

#5 This Pug

-Pretty sure this pug thought they were home alone; looks petrified. Could also be that he or she just got a nice whiff of something real delicious and they whipped their head around in excitement. Both very feasible. 

#1 Sassy Pug

-As the pug approaches their dinner bowl, a shadow appears in the corner of their eye and he or she says, “Back off B*tch this food is mine.” 

 A-mazing. Pugs and kisses.


Well isn’t that the sweetest piece of pug-puppy pie these baby blues have ever seen. This is one precious little girl. And her polka dot dress is fabulous. This is Mazie and she’s sitting pretty down in sunny Florida.

The Auspicious Mazie

Name: Mazie

-I know many Mazies; all of them are sweet angels and this Mazie is no different.

Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

-Now talk about beautiful beaches. Catch some rays for me!

Adjectives: “This is her first outfit!! So cute. She’s a big cry baby and a fatty too! Cry eat cry eat cry. Spoiled!”

-Don’t take this the wrong way and obviously I’m talking to myself when I say this too, but… Sweet Mazie here is probably around 14 weeks old. Her pugventure of life has only just begun! She’s a baby and just getting into the swing of being a pug. That being said, when Mazie’s lovely Mom says she’s spoiled I giggle a little. I giggle because being a baby Mazie hasn’t had enough time to master her super pug powers of beg and receive; she doesn’t know what it means to be spoiled. I’m pretty sure our pugs never really do. I mean know the difference between the life of a dog and the one of a pug. We don’t let them know the difference because from the day they enter our lives they become the center of our universe. Now not many people feel that their dog is just a dog, but our pugs are definitely not just a dog. The world looks different once there is a pug in your life, and you start to see things for your baby before you notice things for yourself. Clearly Mazie is off to a wonderful start. For the record, there is no one to blame for the fact that all our babies are spoiled rotten. It’s unfair to even say they’re spoiled; it’s called being a pug. Mazie was trained on a dog fence when she was 4 months old, amazingly it only took here about 2 days to learn the fence.  We opted to buy the electric dog fence from a specialized on line store eXtreme Dog Fence although you can find various electric dog fence systems on amazon also from the main selection on Amazon invisible fence store.  Find out more about electric dog fence and invisible fence from this simple video we found it very helpful. 

To Mazie’s Family, now that you have precious Mazie in your life, every day is going to be a little bit sweeter. Don’t get me wrong you’re in for it, but in the most pugtastic way possible. Well at least until she’s about 2 and then it’s just straight puglove 24/7, get pumped. Pugs and kisses always.


If you’re not smiling right now I’m confident when I say there’s something wrong with you. Look at this pug. Does is get any better? It does because now we get to meet the man behind the bowl. Say hello to Frankie. He’s from Tennessee and clearly he’s enjoying himself.

The Satiated Frankie
The Satiated Frankie

Name: Frankie

-He looks like a Frankie. Free-lovin’ Frankie from down South in Tennessee, lovely. 

Location: Clarksville, Tennessee

And now your daily dose of rock and roll history… A quote from Jimi Hendrix when asked how he learned how to play guitar with this teeth, ”The idea of doing that came to me in a town in Tennessee. Down there you have to play with your teeth or else you get shot. There’s a trail of broken teeth all over the stage.” He was referring to Clarksville where he jammed out for a few years after he left the army. Awesome.

Adjectives: “Frankie is a very spoiled but very loved dog. He is one of three dogs we have. He is a needy dog and pretty much stays close to his mommy. He loves to sleep on his back. I could go on and on about this amazing pug. He is my baby.”

-We need to talk about the milkstache; so amazing. This may just be me but I had no idea that dogs enjoyed milk. I’ve never thought about it or tried it so why would I? But after seeing Frankie and knowing that there is a pug that loves cereal, I’m must. Marlo let’s do it. But seriously, the human foods we offer up as treats to our babies are pretty silly. From peanut butter to carrots to bacon, our pugs eat better than us sometimes! I want to know Frankie’s Dad’s thought process as he let Frankie finish off his leftover milk and Kellogg’s for the first time. Maybe Frankie asked for it politely and it would have been rude not to let him try it. Either way, I think it’s flippin’ pugtastic. Also I hate wasting food so I’m pumped thinking even the soggy Crispix and few sips of not-so-cold milk won’t go to waste. 

To Frankie’s Family, obviously this dog is very spoiled AND very loved! Is there a difference? We love our babies so much; their wish is our command. And at the end of the day, letting them finish off our leftovers every now and then is a small price to pay to have precious puglove in our lives. 


Ollie loves peanut butter. I mean LOVES… almost as much as I love him. But for some reason Peanut Butter does not love him back.

Whenever Ollie has peanut butter he goes into a licking-fit. It’s weird and I don’t really know how to describe it. Actually, not true. Listening to a pug lick it’s lips can start to sound like nails on a chalkboard. It’s torture. Regardless, I think it’s funny how fast his tongue gets going. I mean really fast! Pugs and kisses always!!


Instantly I’m on a beach with a pug and I couldn’t be happier. This pug is just pumped to be alive. He’s a seasoned seapug looking for sea shells down by the seashore. Say that ten times fast. Say hello to the real McCoy. He’s living easy all the way up north in Maine.

Name: McCoy

-What a great name for a pug. Seriously, I would never think of that and it’s totally awesome. Kudos.

Location: Belfast, Maine

-What up all you crazy Mainiacs!! Love Maine, love people and pugs from Maine. Doesn’t get any better than a beautiful, fresh aired state with beaches, mountains, and lakes – oh my!

Adjectives: “He is a very active pug who loves to play ball, swim, dig holes, and go for long walks in the woods. The only thing that slows this pug down is the rain! ;)

-Much like every person I know from Maine, McCoy sounds like he’s an outdoors kind of guy. As he should be. He lives in Maine; the opportunities for pugventures are endless. And look at his picture. Just an easygoing guy puggin’ around in the sand. I love it. Obviously this isn’t McCoy’s first trip to the beach and I know it won’t be the last. It’s funny how much pugs love the beach and prancing in the shallow waves. I say funny because every pug I know hates the rain, like, loathes entirely. Getting their paws wet when they feel like it is no big deal, but try walking a pug in a rain storm and see if they don’t put up a fight. Snowstorms are different because they’re cold. Not doing your business because they don’t feel like getting wet is pure stubbornness. I don’t know many pugs that swim though so now I’m curious, how did this happen? Did you teach him or was this just a natural progression? Either way, this pug is something special. I guess that’s why he’s called the Real McCoy. 

To McCoy’s Family, I feel like you have a pug with the personality of a golden retriever, which is just totally awesome. Next you’re going to tell me he fetches the paper and plays ultimate Frisbee. Imagine? I’ll leave that with you. Pugs and kisses always. 


Well hello there Handsome! Just working that smile like there’s no tomorrow. He looks like he’s got perma-grin. In the best way, like the “I’m so happy all I can do is smile!,” kind of way. Let’s find out how Nacho spends his days loving life in lovely Idaho.

El Guapo Nacho

Name: Nacho aka Nachito

-I included the nickname from Nacho’s Mom because it just plays into the accented voice I’m hearing in my head when I say the name Nacho or Nachito. I know you know what I’m talking about and I love it. Clearly he was born with the bandana. 

Location: Pocatello, Idaho

Pocatello, the “Gateway to the Northwest” is a place that’s making things happen. Also Heinz Ketchup is made there so that alone is pretty cool. 

Adjectives: “My baby pug Nacho hearts his dolls and I can’t stop myself from buying him new ones every time I go to the store! He’s got the best of the best and a huge front and back yard that is extremely well maintained to run, bark, play and live the happy, loving and PugFabulous’ life he deserves. Spoiled with love and happiness Nacho Pug is one amazing lucky little pug and has found his forever home with his human mommy and Uncle!”

-What I haven’t told you yet is that Nacho is a rescue (makes the name even better right?). This little angel had been in and out of way too many homes; tossed around from family to family. And then it happens: a pug miracle. Nacho’s destiny had been decided and in simple terms, he hit the jackpot. Seriously, I need to come back as Nacho. I wish I could tell you everything I know about this handsome man but since I can’t, just know he’s got the life. That’s what I’m talking about. So much pug love to be had, felt, and radiated worldwide. If I didn’t live in a closet in lower Manhattan I’d start a pug rescue headquarters in VT and make pugtastic things happen. That’s my dream… so now you know. Anyway, Nacho you’re the man. You’re wiser beyond your pug years but that’s only because you’ve had to be. Enjoy the good life mi amigo, you deserve it. 

To Nacho’s Family, I could feel the puglove oozing out of my screen as I read your email. He seems to have everything he could ever dream of and I know with him in your life, you do too. The joy our pugs bring us, as we all know, is priceless. I guess that’s why almost everything we do or can do seems so insignificant. That’s where the bacon comes in… Pugs and kisses always. 


This is absolutely incredible. Lick it Gene Simmons. I mean, this guy wins. So let’s give it up for this winner, Jack. He’s a Georgia boy riding high with his tongue in the wind.

Name: Jack

-Love this name and I LOVE that I met THIS Jack. 

Location: Acworth, Georgia

-Lake town in Georgia: awesome. 

Adjectives: “He is a very active pug with lots of personality. He loves bath time 
and playing outside. I adopted him when he was 6 weeks old. He has
been a great part of my life and pretty much is my child.”

-I imagine Jack has permanent shotgun in that vehicle. Who else better fit to be your copilot than this amazing pug? He’s a good-looking guy; he’s in shape and seems to be in good health. But there’s something I can’t quite get past and really I don’t want to. And I think we all know what that is. Jack’s tongue is something quite spectacular. I’m sure this picture doesn’t do it justice either. There are many reasons why some dogs have outie-tongues. Whatever the reason, I think pugs in particular have a certain poise about them when they do. It goes along perfectly with the overall look. Pugs are loving, lounging, bundles of puglove. Besides leaving the tongue out makes it easier to give you kisses. 

To Jack’s Family, he really is spectacular. A smile from him is worth a thousand words. You’re very lucky you have that gazing back at you everyday; I know he keeps you smiling. Pugs and kisses always. 


Pugs are the best. I look at these pictures and I’m reminded as to why I so desperately hope to come back as one in my next lifetime. Maybe I’m getting too far ahead of myself, but if I did, I’d be just like this pug here. Cassidee is her name and puggin’ is her game, and she’s holding it down out in sunny San Bernardino!

Name: Cassidee

-When I think of her name in my head I hear it with a southern accent. Like yee-haa type thing? Anyone else? Anyone? …Bueller?

Location: San Bernardino, CA

-Random fact: the first McDonald’s in the world was in San Bernardino. There’s nothing better than a fresh batch of Micky D fries and a perfectly carbonated fountain soda. The little things…

Adjectives: “This is Cassidee aka Pig. She’s the sweetest, laziest, squooshiest, funniest animal ever.”

-Just a little slip of the tongue there… which is perfect too because it’s a pugs personality to be sticking their tongues out at the world. Like, “Pug Off.” That’s why being a pug is so great! Not to mention none of us care that our babies are extremely lazy. Don’t get me wrong the energy is there when they want it to be but, when we accepted puglove into our lives all of us knew or should have known that our new pets weren’t quite the athletic type. I wasn’t exactly thinking my pug will love to play fetch for hours someday is what I’m saying. I’m okay with the majority of Marlo’s time being filled with eating, sleeping, and loving me. And it sounds like Miss Cassidee is doing just fine with her time. Her nickname is pig so I assume she eats plenty; she makes people laugh and soaks in all the love they have to offer. Like I said, the life.

To Cassidee’s Family, I’m sure you make her laugh just as much as she does you. Cassidee is a very sweet girl and I’m very happy to have met her. Pugs and kisses always.


Hello Sleeping Beauty! Look at this pug resting her sweet little head. This precious face belongs to Haylea and everything’s goin’ her way in Oklahoma.

Name: Haylea

-The name Haylea looks and sounds so soft in text, outloud and in my head. Pug ears, as we know, are particularly soft and I bet Haylea has some super soft pug ears. 

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

-I played the integral role of Dolly in the theatrical production of Oklahoma! when I was 9… pretty major. You know, where the wind comes sweeping down the plain? Also Grandma Pugger is an ole Sooner so GO OU! 

Adjectives: “Haylea is so sweet and, like all dogs, loves attention. Haylea loves playing with her toys and laying down to take long naps.  She is my baby.”

-Well bless this sweet little pug. Haylea is just dreaming away without a care in the world. Warm and cozy under the covers no less. Why is it that all pugs no matter what, when given the choice, without fail, will sleep in your bed as if it was given to them upon arrival? They know nothing of the floor except for occasional napping. But then I start to think, it’s not so much about the bed as it is when giving the choice, our pugs without fail want to sleep with us. Pugs have a way of nooking themselves to us in the night. On top of our legs, planted in our armpits, or wrapped around our heads these babies just want to be next to us. No matter what. And despite my restless nights of discomfort in a quite reasonably sized bed, I’m totally okay with it. The more puglove the better. 

To Haylea’s Family, I have a feeling a day in the life of Haylea would be pretty fabulous. Lots of fun things to play with, someone to pamper me and give me love, and no one to bother me when I feel like taking a snooze. If only we were all as lucky as our pugs. Pugs and kisses always.